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GiiNii's Movit Mini WiFi Android tablet hands-on

We just spent some quality time playing with GiiNii's Movit Mini WiFi Android tablet, which might be one of the best things we've seen at CES so far -- think of it as the Android version of the iPod touch and you'll get why we're so stoked. The unit features a 4.3-inch, 480 x 272 resistive touchscreen (sigh), and it's got a soft keyboard for text entry -- they couldn't tell us if it's running Cupcake or not, but the keyboard worked just fine as we were playing with it. A built-in mic and front-facing camera lend themselves to out-of-the-box Skype support, there's also Bluetooth and a built-in speaker. Sadly, there's only 256MB of internal storage, but there's an microSD slot for expansion. All we got for pricing was "less than the iPod touch" -- we'll see how close GiiNii gets when this guy and the planned 7-inch Movit Maxx hit sometime in the middle of the year.