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LG kicks out a dozen HDTV product lines at CES 2009

Hold onto your hats, kids -- LG's dropping a fresh dozen HDTVs on the world here in Vegas, so let's not waste any time getting right down to it. We've got nine LCD series and three plasma lines ranging from 19- to 60-inches in size, with many sporting LED backlighting, TruMotion 240Hz technology and the wireless capabilities that are becoming all the rage. Speaking of, the LH50 and PS80 lines feature the outfit's NetCast Entertainment Access, which enable users to access Yahoo! Widgets, YouTube and Netflix content. Moving on, the LHX slim wireless LED-backlit TV (55-inches) comes in at under an inch thick and includes a media box that can transfer 1080p footage sans wires (via Wireless HDMI, we hear). Hit the read link if you're up for digesting some serious specs.