Linksys Wireless Home Audio and Media Hub NAS hands-on

We just snuck a quick look at the new Linksys home media gear, the Wireless Home Audio system and Media Hub NAS, and it's pretty much what you'd expect. For all of Cisco's talk of platform and back-end and consumer love, the end product is actually pretty humdrum. We can't speak to the actual setup and content integration -- which will naturally be Cisco's strong suit -- but the actual hardware doesn't seem to scream consumer love. The interface on the Touchscreen Remote is pretty slow and a far cry from the polish of the Sonos system -- the unit's natural competitor -- especially compared to the iPod touch control App, and everything looks and feels bulky and gray. We do have to hand it to Cisco for working in the iPod dock, a CD player, iTunes server and Rhapsody all into one cohesive centrally-controlled system, but we'll see how much traction this gathers in the market... Cisco's talking like a uniter, but right now this just looks like more fragmentation.