Live from Toshiba's CES press conference

Seated and ready, the headline above the stage reads Regza / Resolution+, so we know where the emphasis will be this year. With the conspicuous lack of a dying format to explain, this has got to be more optimistic than last year's HD DVD funeral, right?

1:50PM We're done folks, time to get close up of those deep infinity black super lagoon edges.

1:49PM Recycling program expanded, with drop sites in all 50 states

1:48PM Toshiba is expanding Environmentall best practices: All 2009 HDTVs beet EnergyStar 3.0 requirements, plus RoHS directive meeting procurement policies

1:46PM That's enough of that, VP Maria Repole is back on stage, looks like the end of new products.

1:46PM DLNA, Widget support, Internet video, CELL TV will do it.

1:45PM CELL TV capabilities: capable of recording form six HD tuners simultaneously. 3D Graphic user interface, streams HD video to several TV's in the house.

1:44PM CELL TV will be "marketed" in 2009 - but will it be sold? The CELL box doesn't just process images, it also does network video.

1:43PM CELL TV - finally these HDTVs are coming. Multiple Regza models with CELL set-top box thatp lugs into the 4k x 2k panel.

1:42PM this is the far. These don't have the Intel / Yahoo! widgets, but that's coming later this year.

1:41PM Besides a blacker picture, even the back is high gloss black

1:39PM SV670 line takes disappearing edge to "Stunning Infinity Flush Front Design": antireflective glass across the front gives infinity pool effect on all four edges. This model upgrades to FocaLight LED backlighting - claims full matrix LED for better uniformity.

1:38PM Loving these new features? ZV650 series will have all of them take 1080p via component or 4 HDMI inputs, IR passthrough, comes in 42 through 55-inch sizes

1:37PM Love Expert mode? It'll still be around, letting you tweak RGB settings etc. Say hello to DivX HD support via the USB port or SD card slot, plus MP3 audio, MP1/2 video.

1:35PM ClearScan 240 is based on backlight blinking, creates "240Hz effect", claims to reduce motion blur, but like all the rest of these solutions, we're skeptical more mucking about with our picture is going to actually improve things. Instead of throwing in more surround sound, next year's TVs are the first to add Dolby Volume, cites the Shamwow guy, keeps commercials the same volume as your shows.

1:32PM He's showing off the XV645 series - it's got all the features just mentioned. ZV series adds Deep Lagoon design around all four edges, not just the bottom, plus ClearScan 240 240Hz motion technology.

1:31PM Instaport HDMI switching cuts down HDCP handshake delays, promises "almost instantaneous switching"

1:30PM New feature for 2009 Regza LCDs: AutoView senses room lighting conditions and autoadjusts picture brightness and color temperature for type of lighting.

1:29PM New XV Series introduces Bottom Deep Lagoon with Invisible Speakers - means you cna see the bottom of the bezel, but it fades away as though into water's edge, marking the 2009 Design Identity

1:27PM Resolution+ is not just for today, but tomorrow's 4K x 2K screens

1:26PM Super Resolution Technology now = Resolution+ Still claiming they can make SD look 1080p, and do it better than anyone else.

1:25PM New Regza: "More than you expected, and everything you need" - someone's not afraid to promise everything. Fifthe Generation Pixel Pure engine upgrades to 14bit "Gradation creation"

1:24PM Finally, TVs shown: AV600 line is 720p, PC and dual HDMI inputs, gaming mode, aimed at second TV / dorm room type market

1:23PM With the average 52-inch price south of $2,000, there's no real volume above $2,500 -- according to Toshiba. Finally someone's figured out we can't fit a 150-inch HDTV in our cramped apartments.

1:22PM Now he's telling us about 2009's trends to watch: Gradation is the new black, 240 is the new 120, "will people pay for thin HDTVs?"

1:21PM He's saying the LCD market is still growing, but slowing economy means only 5% expected growth. Pat on the back time, guess who outgrew the LCD market last year? Yep, Toshiba. Goal last year to hit 10% LCD market share? Mission accomplished.

1:19PM Plasma fanboys look away, more LCD trash talk that consumers would choose LCD at the same price

1:19PM Apparently we need corny jokes and diagrams to understand the evolution of Regzas

1:18PM new for 2009: non Regzas for budget customers: "Everyday Right Price" Regza line staying where it is for high end users. "Not your every day LCD"

1:17PM Next up is VP of Marketing Scott Ramirez -- "It's the end of the wooorrld and we know it", best theme music to choose?

1:15PM 2009 Networked device lineup: Regza LCDs, LCD/DVD combo devices, standalone network player

1:15PM Expect updated widgets as they become available, looks like the new networked displays will have full Media Center Extender support

1:13PM 2009 means new combos: Incoming Yahoo! / Intel TV widgets, Windows Media Extender on LCD HDTVs

1:13PM Who's #1 in LCD / DVD combos? Toshiba is.

1:08PM cont'd: Network A/V devices to redefine how consumers get content. Toshiba' policies look towards a sustainable environment and promoting this across all businesses

1:05PM He's describing the 2009 focus: delivering amazing picture quality in LCD TV with Advanced Video Processing Technologies, stunning cosmetics and continuing the leadership of the Regza brand

1:03PM ToshibaVision Times Square display, with LEDs highlights technical innovation, eco friendly, etc. First up to the podium is president & CEO Akio Ozaka.

1:02PM First up is some canned New Year's footage - seriously, few could've been happier to get through 2008 than Toshiba, just look back at the losses last year on the HD DVD format and shrinking chip business for evidence.

Seated and ready, the headline above the stage reads Rega / Resolution+, so we know where the emphasis will be this year. With the conspicuous lack of a dying format to explain, this has got to be more optimistic than last year's HD DVD funeral, right?