Logic Wireless' Logic Bolt makes luminous appearance at CES

Logic Wireless, a new startup has jumped right into the CES mobile fray with this, the mini projecting Logic Bolt. Logic Wireless assumed all rights to this device from ChinaKing -- which we saw early in the summer of 2008 -- and have tuned it up and have it here at the show. Featuring a quad-band GSM chipset, 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, projected display size of 36 to 64 inches, and a rated talk time of 2 to 3 hours. Video can apparently blast on for two hours or more using content on the phone or VGA input from other devices. Logic Wireless aims to ship a dual-mode GSM / CDMA set with live video conferencing, four times brighter projector, and Windows Mobile supplanting the current Java OS sometime in the future. For a suggested $100 on-contract price or $600 off, we're thinking if they can make this happen, we're definitely going to be picking one up.

[Via Gearlog]