Ooma's Telo steps up to DECT 6.0 for free calls across the US

It's been awhile, but Ooma's next generation release just made its way to CES. The Telo offers unlimited, free VoIP calls over the Internet across the US and features a new, cordless handset offering high-def DECT 6.0 voice, a connected phonebook, mobile transfer, speaker phone and musical ringtones. The kit is expandable to six handsets and judging from the base unit, we're looking at an answering machine as well. Apparently Telo also integrates your cellphone into the mix somehow, something the current Ooma can't do. According to Rich Buchanan, Ooma's chief marketing officer, Telo "helps combine the home phone and cell phone so you can enjoy the benefits of both without any compromises." We'll figure out how once the floor show opens tomorrow. Telo will be available in the first half of 2009 for an undisclosed price.