PSP software sales in the UK dropped dramatically during 2008

The UK sales figures for the PSP during 2008 are looking downright abysmal. According to, 4.1 million games for Sony's portable were sold during 2008, meaning sales have dropped approximately 27% from 2007's figure of 5.6 million. It looks even worse if you go by revenue -- 70 million pounds in 2008, as opposed to 111 million pounds in 2007, indicating a decline of about 36%.

It is hard to say this comes as a surprise to anyone; there just weren't any high-profile releases during the latter half of the year for the PSP. Hopefully, Sony can get third party publishers interested in the platform again in this new year. Incidentally, there are still a few games we are looking forward to in 2009 -- take a look at our picks here.