Ask Engadget HD: Which Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player loads discs the quickest?

CNET's UK branch already ran a number of Blu-ray players through a timed gauntlet, but this week's Ask Engadget HD question places the responsibilities squarely on your shoulders. We're hoping Mick's question enables us to compile some pretty meaningful data, so break out the stopwatch and contribute!

"Which current Blu-ray player (Profile 2.0, of course) has the quickest load time? I'm looking for something that loads much faster than my BDP-S300. Manufacturers don't bother listing load times on their decks, so I'm looking for some help from the audience."

You heard the man -- we want model name, startup time and disc load times, along with any other tidbits you feel like tossing in. Get to it, partners.

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