ASUS Eee PC T91 and T101H touchscreen tablet hands-on

We got a quick look at ASUS's new Eee PC tablets today, the T91 and T101H. The netbook heritage is unmistakable -- you only have to peep the 8.9-inch and 10-inch respective screen sizes and Atom processors -- but the two machines offer up full-on swivel tablet functionality, and look pretty good doing it. The chiclet keyboard on the T101H is a slight improvement over the standard Eee PC keyboard on the T91 -- which is a tad less firm, and with less room for distinct spacing. We found the hinge to be just alright, only rotating in a clockwise direction, and showing bit of "give." Otherwise it's pretty standard Eee, with ASUS's standard march toward sexy and the deepest stack of SKUs in the industry.