Eyes-on the Creative Zii (or parts of it, anyway)

We stopped by Creative's booth to see what the haps was with the Zii earlier, and... well, there wasn't a ton going on there, but we wanted to document the experience for you anyway. What we saw didn't enhance our knowledge of what we learned earlier in the day: the system-on-chip architecture for media applications (the first part being the ZMO5 Media-Rich System-On-Chip which is apparently a newer version of 3DLABS's DMS-02 chip) is touted as a springboard for commercial applications -- and we hear that at least PowerLinux has signed on to use the platform for an advanced video conferencing system. Sounds exhaustingly exciting right? And it was. Creative doesn't want anyone getting too close to their components -- they were all encased in glass -- but check the gallery after the break for what we did see.