Grippity back-typing keyboard hands-on

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|01.08.09

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Grippity back-typing keyboard hands-on

We've seen the Grippity back-typing keyboard move from mere prototype to working, production model, so our interest was definitely piqued when we heard that the developer would be at CES with his one-of-a-kind QWERTY board. Well, he came by with the Grippity, and we got some finger-time with it. The keyboard's certainly not an immediately comfortable or intuitive typing experience by any means, but it's got a real charm to it. The designer also kindly did a demo for us, and even he -- the creator of the device -- wasn't exactly what we'd call lightning fast on it, but see for yourself in the video (and gallery!) after the break.

P.S.- Yes, that's the inside of the Engadget double-wide trailer in the video -- we promise we'll have some more pictures as soon as all the real CES news dies down!

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