Motorola SURF A3100 video (and pictorial) hands-on

Like the Curve 8900, it turns out that Motorola's SURF is a device that kinda needs to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. In light of TouchFLO and its endless competitors, the skin Moto's developed for this thing -- while tasteful and seemingly finger-friendly -- really isn't anything to get terribly excited about, but it does an adequate job of making the superficial surface of Windows Mobile reasonably finger-friendly. The screen feels great, and yeah, the SURF includes a stylus -- but hey, what WinMo phone doesn't? Ultimately, we think it's going to be a totally serviceable alternative to, say, a Touch Diamond -- only problem is that the Touch Diamond is like 8 months old. If Moto had launched this running Android instead of WinMo, on the other hand, it would've been the runaway hit of the show. Follow the break for a super-quick video tour of the UI!