Palm announces webOS platform

Palm just got official with its new webOS platform, running on the new Palm Pre. According to the company, anyone who knows CSS, HTML and XML will be able to develop for the OS without having to learn any new languages -- sounds kind of like it's a jacked up browser with memory management, like Google Chrome. The UI itself is simple and touch-based, with flick scrolling through lists and gesture support that goes "beyond the screen." The launcher comes up over apps without leaving them, and you can quit apps by just swiping up -- multiple apps and windows are managed using a "deck of cards" metaphor. The Synergy sync system automatically manages your contacts -- all you have to do is log into Facebook, Google, and Outlook. You also get consolidated IM from multiple services -- so, so sweet. Typing on the keyboard brings up an instant search which pulls up apps, contacts, and even web queries. All apps have access to an Android-like popup notification system, and urgent messages pop up, causing running apps to automatically resize so you can see everything. There's also a dockable control area that any app can use for persistent controls -- Palm's using it for its music player, for example. More pics after the break!

Update: The press release is now live.