Panasonic launches new line of of camcorders at CES 2009

We already caught wind of a few new camcorders from Panasonic today, but now the whole crew is official. We've got too many to call 'em out, but here's a few highlights. First off, the SDR-S26 packs a mighty ridiculous 70x optical zoom. The partnering SDR-H80 and SDR-H90 also include optical image stabilization and varying amounts of internal storage, but truthfully, these really aren't worth swooning over. The half dozen Full HD models, however, are definitely worth peeking. The HDC-HS300, HDC-TM300 and HDC-HS250 all feature the outfit's 3MOS system, but unfortunately, none of these are particularly affordable. If you don't believe us, have a look at the links below.

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