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Pioneer blares architectural loudspeakers at CES

Just in case 16 new speaker models at CEDIA weren't enough, Pioneer is using the spotlight at CES to showcase its high-performance architectural speaker line. All told, there are a half dozen new models in the family, all of which utilize the company's CST driver technology in order to expand the sweet spot. Each speaker houses a titanium tweeter, woven aramid fiber woofer and cast aluminum chassis, not to mention individual treble and bass controls for fine(r) tuning. There's no mention of prices nor release dates, but those that have to ask in regards to MSRP probably shouldn't bother. Per usual, full release is past the break.

At CES 2009, Pioneer is expanding its high-performance architectural speaker line with a new Elite series

Speakers are engineered by renowned speaker designer, Andrew Jones, and are inspired by professional speaker line

Pioneer's Chief Speaker Designer Andrew Jones and his engineering team drew inspiration from the company's professional TAD speaker offering, which, combined with a 70-year legacy in speaker manufacturing, creates the ultimate in full definition home entertainment.

Exclusive CST driver technology provides performance beyond traditional pivoting tweeter

All six new models utilize Pioneer's innovative CST driver technology that works to expand a room's "sweet spot" for more uniform sound deliver to home audiences. By improving off-axis performance and a more accurate frequency response, Pioneer's new Elite speakers surpass the capabilities offered by current pivoting driver designs.

Designed for the high-performance home theater with utmost flexibility for custom installation

Pioneer's engineers have built the architectural speakers with cutting-edge materials including titanium tweeter, woven aramid fiber woofer and cast aluminum chassis to handle and faithfully reproduce HD film and live concert soundtracks the way an audio engineer originally intended it to be heard. Additionally, a specialized angled baffle configuration works with the (CST) driver technology to further envelop discerning entertainment enthusiasts.

The Elite architectural speakers continue to incorporate additional treble and bass controls that allow custom installers to fine tune a unit's high-frequency output, tonal balance and overall bass management.

Professional installers and consumers can be confident in durability of the architectural speakers, which have been outfitted with a thermal protection circuit that can endure the highest audio output from today's high resolution formats.

Pioneer's architectural speakers provide the final piece to the ultimate home entertainment experience

The complete Pioneer Elite architectural loudspeaker models work in concert with leading KURO™ displays, Blu-ray Disc® players and A/V receivers to provide a truly unique, premium high definition home theater experience.