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Samsung unveils new DisplayLink, PCoIP and 3D monitors

Among the embarrassment of riches that CES has been for Sammy fans thus far, we have several new items available for your consideration. The SyncMaster 930ND is a 19-inch PC-over-IP-enabled display developed with Teradici Corporation that sports four USB connectors, 2-way audio, and DVI-out for a secondary display. For gamers, the 22-inch 2233RZ is an NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision-compatible monitor, due to hit the streets in April for an MSRP of $349. And rounding out the collection, the company has added two more DisplayLink monitors to the mix: the SyncMaster D190SU (19-inch) and D220SU (22-inch). No word on a release date or price for this one, but you'll know as soon as we do.