A player's perspective on top ten priorities for WAR in 2009 (updated)

The Greenskin blog has put together a top ten list of what they'd like to see for Warhammer Online in '09. Aimed at making sure the game finds continued success in the coming year, the list focuses on giving the game a lot of polish and fine-tuning. Specifically it calls for the death of bugs, CTDs and endgame performance issues. We don't think anyone would really disagree with these sentiments, because nothing is worse than suddenly seeing your Pretty Pretty Princess wallpaper right when you were about to capture The Inevitable City.

As for the expansion announcement in 2009, we do think it would be very nice to hear, but only if fixes and such have been plentiful by that point. The best thing to do, in our humble opinion, would be to get all the kinks out, massage some new features in and then make an announcement.

Update: Mark Jacobs has responded to the list, here was what he had to say,


Done. While I don't agree with everything contained within the paragraphs under the priorities themselves, I think that the top ten is just about dead on balls accurate. We have a number of other things I'd add to the list but I'll talk about them down the road.

Nice article.


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