Spotted: Curve 8900 running on AT&T

So Boy Genius Report reported on a shot of what seems to be a Curve 8900 running on AT&T -- which seems like a pretty good idea, may we add -- and we're trying to make sense of what's really going on. We hit up RIM's booth at CES to get the lowdown on the situation, and what do you know, the mythical beast is nowhere to be found. The reps on the floor said that it's only for T-Mobile and when we checked every 8900 on the show floor, we couldn't find one running on any other carrier. 'Course, we'd be shocked if RIM wasn't chronically refreshing BGR every fifteen seconds, so it's entirely possible that they saw the news, realized their grave error, and pulled the offending phone posthaste. Either way, it's a great idea, is it not?

[Via Boy Genius Report]