Nvidia GeForce 3DVision gets reviewed

The short, happy history of 3D gaming has been unimpressive -- dual-display glasses and high-priced 3D monitors have generally failed to bring source material originally built for two dimensions into the three dimensional world. Keeping this in mind, the kids at bit-tech seem to be as wary as we are, but when all is said and done they came away from the sordid affair rather impressed. "An excellent piece of tech," they said -- one that actually seems to work on existing games -- although the fact that a new monitor is required to use it "knocks the legs out from underneath." Sure, it worked well enough that the well-heeled, hardcore gamer might be interested in it, but for the time being this doesn't seem to be an option for the casual consumer. But don't take our word for it: hit the read link for the in-depth review.