pureSilicon introduces world's first 1TB 2.5-inch SSD

Pretec may have laid claim to the title of world's fastest SATA SSD, but it looks like pureSilicon has a feather of its own to put in its cap, with it announcing what appears to be the world's first 1TB 2.5-inch SSD drive. You may want to think twice about holding out for one of these in your next laptop, however, as pureSilicon is apparently specifically pitching it as a more energy-efficient solution for servers, datacenters, and supercomputers, with four of the drives able to deliver 4TB in the same space as a standard 3.5-inch hard drive. According to pureSilicon's own benchmarks, the drives "approach" the maximum SATA II transfer speed of 300MB/s and, if 1TB is a bit excessive for your needs, the company also has drives ranging from 32GB to 512GB in its Nitro series. No word on price, naturally, but the drives will apparently be available sometime in the third quarter of this year.