Video: Digeo Moxi DVR user interface tour

It's been years since TiVo has had any serious competition and although an HD DVR with a CableCARD tuner isn't the most mainstream of products, it is a god send for those who refuse to settle for the POS DVR your cable company will provide. The Moxi started shipping from Amazon about a month ago for $800 which isn't bad if you consider there aren't any subscription fees. The Moxi user interface is really nice and exposes how dated TiVo's 10 year old UI is, but the most interesting feature will be the Moxi Mate -- when it's released. This cool little fan-less box will let you enjoy your Moxi on another TV as if you were on the real DVR, and unlike TiVo's multi-room solution, it doesn't require an additional subscription fee. The only real complaint we have about the new Moxi is the fact that an ATSC tuner wasn't included. Sure, not everyone will use this but considering the cost to include such a feature is minimal, there's no reason not to include it.