Video: Toyota unveils FT-EV concept, details plug-in Prius, you won't see either for awhile

While we were living large at CES in Las Vegas yesterday, Toyota's people were up in Detroit, working hard to amp up the crowd at the North American International Auto Show. The world's largest auto maker fulfilled promises by giving more information about an upcoming electric car, showing off a concept called the FT-EV. Based on the iQ ultra-compact, which is currently available in Japan in petrol-powered guise, the battery version has a range of just 50 miles, making it suitable only for those living in those most urban of suburbs. Hopefully it gains a bit more stamina before it (or something similar) goes into production in 2012. Toyota also gave some further information about its impending plug-in Prius, indicating that before the end of the year it will lease 500 prototypes to consumers to act as mobile beta testers prior to the full release of the car. Only 150 of those will be available in the States, though, so you can go ahead and leave "Install extra outlet in garage" low on your to-do list for another year or so