Asus's Eee PC 1000HE pulls the shift key in from right field

Eee's 1000H is generally held to be one of the more complete netbook packages out there, but the placement of the right shift key to the starboard side of the up arrow drives many a touch-typist bonkers. Welcome, then, to the 1000HE, or "extended." It features a chiclet-style keyboard that slightly increases the size of each key, but more importantly has a slightly revised layout, moving that shift key to the left. New too is a six-cell pack full of 2.9 amp batteries (versus 2.7 amps in the 1000H), said to add another hour to the Eee's life, up to a total of 8.7 according to Asus. Finally, the company announced an "HAE" model that sports lacks 802.11n, Bluetooth, and presumably a higher lower price tag. No word on what that price will be on either model, though, or when you might be able to get your fingertips on them.

Update: Whoops, fopkins commented to point out that the HAE actually is the one without Bluetooth and 802.11n, making it the cheaper of the pair.