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Biz customers to get T-Mobile's Curve 8900 early?

It's pretty common for carriers' business customers to get special treatment -- they tend to bring boatloads of cash to the table, after all -- and it looks like that hot new 8900 might get swept up into the blatant, corrupt cronyism that's holding most of us back from getting our hands on the goods as quickly as possible. Okay, yes, that language is a bit strong, but seriously, pretty much every BlackBerry user and would-be BlackBerry user on T-Mo is begging on bended knee for this puppy, so to see your suit-clad compatriots getting in on this as soon as January 19 while you're stuck waiting until February 11... that's just torture. The kind of torture banned by the Geneva Convention. Seriously. We can't confirm if this is legit, but we'll know in a week.

[Via TmoNews]