Blockbuster, Sonic Solutions team up for online movie delivery

Oh, Blockbuster -- what will we ever do with you? After first launching that branded MediaPoint box that all of four people purchased, you're now waltzing into the digital distribution party a few months late. According to a somewhat ambiguous report issued this morning, the movie giant has teamed up with Sonic Solutions in order to "give consumers access to a vast library of premium digital entertainment across a wide assortment of home and mobile electronic devices." In other words, those kosher with downloading content via Sonic's existing CinemaNow products and the like can soon have Blockbuster material on their handhelds, laptops and LCD-equipped threads. At least initially, BB will still be selling this material on a pay-per-view type system, though a subscription model could be implemented (read: should be implemented) shortly.

[Via CNET]