O2 launches HTC Advantage as Xda Flint, curiously aims at education sector

How do you make a niche handheld that's been out for over a year relevant again? Why, aim it at the unsuspecting education market, of course! The Xda Flint, which we first saw emerge back in early December, is officially being introduced to the world today by O2. If the device looks at all familiar, it's because it is -- we're looking at a re-branded Advantage X7510, with 16GB of internal storage, a 5-inch VGA display, quad-band connectivity, WiFi, HSDPA, a 3 megapixel camera and Windows Mobile 6.1 running the show. The odd thing here isn't that the Advantage is getting a new life, it's that O2 is targeting youngsters with a yearning to learn; it's suggesting that this device is perfect for reading eBooks, taking electronic notes and accessing knowledge portals. Of course, we'd argue a netbook with a non-mobile OS would be far more suitable, but what do we know?