Apogee updates on Duke Nukem Trilogy progress

Apogee has responded on their official forums to requests for more info on the upcoming Duke Nukem handheld trilogy. Yes, it seems the games really do exist. We're as surprised as you are. An Apogee representative says that "both the DS and PSP versions of the game are coming along nicely." Adding that "on the PSP, they say the depth of view is the best they have seen to date for that device." So while we're still not sure how the game will play, at least we can be safe in the knowledge that the depth of view will be second to none.

Apogee concludes by saying that "we are also including some cool bonus game play features that we haven't spoken about that we feel will enhance the overall way the game is played. That's all we can say for now, other than stay tuned, more info in greater detail is on the way!" We're intrigued to learn more, if only because we've almost forgotten what it's like for a Duke Nukem game to actually see the light of day. Check out the awesome E3 trailer after the break.

[Thanks, David B.!]