PTR updated to build 9464

A new build, number 9464, went up on the PTR last night for the perpetually predicted, not quite here yet patch 3.0.8. The changes aren't huge; for the few list, you can check out MMO Champion. But there are a few that interest me.

Scrapbot repairs equipment, as we discussed previously.

Vampiric Blood, which got a huge buff in early 3.0.8 builds, has been taken down a little bit, although still better than it is now. In the latest build, it temporarily gives the DK 15% of his maximum health, and increases the amount of health generated through spells and effects by 35%, for 20 sec. Previously in 3.0.8, it was 20% max health and 50% increased healing. In live, it's just 50% increased healing.

I'd like to see more Blood tanks; Frost and Unholy remain dominant in that field. Vampiric Blood is the parallel talent to Unbreakable Armor in Frost and Bone Shield in Unholy (which is getting cut to 20% in 3.0.8). The earlier 3.0.8 version was maybe a bit stronger than those two. This new one sounds a bit weaker, but it merits further examination and testing.

Ambush now grants 2 combo points instead of one. Will this make it more worthwhile for dagger rogues soloing? Even when I was Mutilate-specced, I typically opened with Cheap Shot, although I haven't played Mut since the positional requirement was removed, so that may not be the case any more. This change may be more for Shadow Dance purposes than anything else.

So as you can see, the patch keeps on developing. Here's hoping it hits soon, so I can finally open clams while mounted; that's something I've been really wanting for a long time.