Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FX150 reviewed, perfect for higher-end casual photographers

If you've been waiting for SLR quality pics out of a camera you can slip into your pocket (and we're not talking cargo pants here), Panasonic's 14 megapixel Lumix DMC-FX150 is sadly not your product. However, if you've been looking for something that can take shots approaching the quality of something like a Canon G10 but do so in a more slender form factor, keep reading. PhotographyBLOG's review of this higher-end of the point 'n shoot range finds it to be quite good, capturing great images in bright light with very few chromatic aberrations. However, darker shots (bane of the pocket cam market) are still somewhat problematic, as the built-in optical IS fails to keep images sharp and noise appears at ISO 800 and above. Despite those annoyances the $399 camera (yours for about $100 less if you don't mind bargain hunting) scored overall high marks, becoming one of the best quality shooters you can buy and have a hope of fitting in your skinny jeans.