The Queue: Archdruids? Nahh. Okay, maybe.

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Apparently I missed a Doctor Who reference in one of the questions I answered yesterday. Maybe? Heck if I know. If you're looking for our resident Doctor Who nerd, direct your references to Elizabeth Harper. They go way over my head.

Zoidberg asked...

A while ago, we heard some rumors about a new hero class called archdruid. (Or something like that.) What do we know about these guys? Is this a possibility for the 4.0 hero class?

Rumors are rumors. We don't really know anything about it. Sure, it could be the 4.0 Hero Class, but it could be just about anything else as well. I'd say it's a decent candidate if we're definitely ending up with a Healing hero class, but we don't really know if that's the case. It's assumed, but that's all.

It's purely going to come down to speculation. I, personally, don't think it will be Archdruid, but a lot of people think that it will be. Who knows?


Has mana regeneration been checked with the introduction of Wrath of the Lich King? It seems, on my holy paladin, that even while casting, not critting with my spells, not under the effect of Divine Plea, it looks evident that I'm gaining mana.

I almost never actively have to watch my mana bar anymore. It was an aspect I liked about mana using classes. What's the dealy-o, WoWInsider?

Instead of large, periodic mana gains, your mana now trickles in at a constant flow of lower gains. It amounts to the same regen either way. Picture it like a faucet. Right now, the faucet is at a slow, constant trickle. Previously, every five seconds you would turn the faucet on full blast and then cut it off right away. Over time, you've used up the same amount of water either way. The only difference is one of those ways of using water is normal and the other way makes you look insane.

The new way has one big benefit: If you manage to hit the end of your manapool and you find yourself just a few points of mana short of casting one final spell, you'll probably have those points of mana almost immediately. Previously, you'd be sitting there frothing at the mouth for awhile waiting for the tick.

Debesun asked...

What happened to the combat dummies in the Dalaran Sewer that were in the Beta?

Dalaran doesn't have any dummies anymore, but the faction-specific capitals all do now. The way Dalaran is set up made the dummies there a nuisance. Not only were there added lag issues, but the dummies were directly beneath the busiest parts of the city. That means that when you were moving around doing your business, you'd hear the combat from the lower level all over the place. That was really, really annoying.

They just got rid of them. All it takes is a portal to get somewhere that has them, though.

jinster asked...

Question: Why does every single quest in Northrend make use of a horn?!

This video will explain it all.

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