Sony's VAIO P priced at 300 on Amazon's UK site

Now we're talking. We don't exactly what's going on in the UK, but this VAIO P for £300 (about $442) makes us seriously want to jet on over. The last time we saw one of these babies priced, we were looking at a steep £1,368.99 (or around $2,017) -- though that was for the kitted out 128GB SSD version with 3G broadband on-board. Still, we'll happily take this 60GB HDD / 2GB RAM iteration at this price, since it actually hits that sweet spot we were hoping to find the first time around. The only question is whether or not this isn't just some kind of nasty glitch in the Matrix -- it does seem unlikely we'll see price fluctuations this wide. Any word Sony? We'll be reaching for our credit cards and international waybills while we wait.

Update: If it seems to good to be true, it probably is, right? Right. The price is now back to the astronomical figure of £740 ($1,090). Drat.

[Thanks, Varuna]