IMPOSSIBLE's on a mission to revive Polaroid film

Things have been pretty bleak for Polaroid fans ever since the company filed for Chapter 11. Once the producer of an iconic American gadget, the company has been reduced to a corporate shell, its good name taunting us from the face plates of a myriad of consumer electronics -- including instant digital cameras that are not nearly as cool as their forebears. That's why it does our heart good to hear about the crazy, Fitzcarraldo-esque plans of an outfit called IMPOSSIBLE. The company has already purchased all the essential gear and signed a lease on one of the buildings at the old Polaroid plant in the Netherlands, where they'll be hard at work developing new versions of the venerable Instant Integral film that can be produced using modern manufacturing methods. The company hopes to be in the swing of things by sometime in 2010. Best of luck, kids!

[Thanks, Sebastiaan ter Burg]