Nokia and Securitas team up on GPS-based security service

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Donald Melanson
January 19th, 2009
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Nokia and Securitas team up on GPS-based security service
Nokia's already done a bit on its own to exploit the built-in GPS on its phones, and it's now enlisted the help of Securitas to take things a bit further into Big Brother territory, with the pair today announcing a new security service that'll let folks keep tabs on you and let you keep an eye on others. Dubbed Safe-2-Go, the service apparently consists four main features, including the usual alert system that dials into the Securitas alarm center and notifies your chosen contacts, a "Find" feature that lets you check on the current position of your friends, a "Zone" feature that sends out an SMS message when someone leaves or enters a predefined area, and a "Friends" feature that simply gives an overview of where all your friends are located. No word on a cost for the service just yet, if there is one, but it looks like folks in Sweden will be the first to get it sometime in the first half of 2009, with other countries in Europe set to follow later in the year.
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