The Queue: That's a lot of J names

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Last time on The Queue, I answered a question about potential hero classes. Zoidberg asked about Archdruids, but there wasn't a whole lot to say. It's a rumor, and a rumor without much weight behind it, just an interview comment taken out of context as the WoW community (yes, even WoW Insider sometimes) likes to do. Since answering that question, I've been thinking about it a little myself.

Do I, personally, think Archdruids will be the next hero class? Nah, I don't think so. Just the name is the big issue for me. Archdruid suggest Druid+ or Druid 2.0 and that's just not cool. You can differentiate them from Druids as much as you want, Archdruid still suggests that it's a better Druid. That's pretty awful. Even if the new hero class (if there is a new hero class) has all of the features we'd expect from an Archdruid, it'll probably be called something else. Maybe a Keeper or something like that.

What I'd like to see personally is a Healing class that uses the Rune system, like people have been talking about quite a bit lately. I've been nerding out about it with Daniel Whitcomb since Wrath's beta when I first saw the Vrykul Runecasters. I think it would be a whole lot of fun to play, as long as they wore something other than cloth. We have far, far too many Cloth classes as it is. I'd much rather seee them sharing Resto Druid/Moonkin gear, or Resto/Ele Shaman gear. I'd be very, very pleased if less Moonkin gear went to waste. I've seen too much of it disenchanted over the last couple of years.

Dawnwood asked...

Regarding the racial restrictions being dropped from mounts, does that also mean that the reputations requirements are lifted as well? Or do I still need to be exalted with Darnassus on my human to ride a cat?

You still need to be Exalted with races beyond your own to ride their mounts. That hasn't changed at all, it's just the racial bit.

Jones asked...

Can you answer a question is Divine Shield for paladins really going to reduce dmg by 50% in the next patch or have I just misheard this? To me this doesn't make sense cause this throws the whole thing of how Paladins use Divine Shield. It would be no different than Divine Protection.

Divine Shield will remain at a 100% damage reduction/immunity for incoming damage. The difference will be that your outgoing damage will be cut in half while it's active, that way a Paladin that's fully immune to damage can't burst out a billion damage of his own to gib someone while they're unable to defend themselves.

So Divine Protection is 50% less incoming damage. Divine Shield is 50% less outgoing damage, but immunity to incoming damage. Make sense?

Jamesisgreat asked...

I'd like to know if there's anyway of knowing how long until the next Wintergrasp battle besides actually going to the zone? There must be a timer somewhere. Mustn't there?

You can talk to the Battlemages in the rooms with all of the Battlemasters in Dalaran to get the time until the next battle. If you're not in Dalaran, there's nothing you can pull up in your UI to see the timer at a glance. You can try to use the timer/alarm clock built into the UI, but you'd need to set it yourself every time Wintergrasp goes up and that's pretty annoying. You can use a mod like Wintergrasper to handle it, but even that requires talking to the Battlemages in Dalaran to sync it up now and then. A mod is the easiest way to do it, just sync it when you're in Dalaran, and then you're good to go.

Johnny asked...

I am a Prot Pally and I have been getting a lot of hate from other tanks in my raids claiming I am taunting off of them. Even after explaining that paladin threat generation right now is broken and being fixed and also telling them to check combat logs they are still insisting that I am taunting. This is starting to give me a bad rep and making it more difficult to operate in raid. I even turn RF off on boss fights I am not tanking. Any advice to get the heat off me before my rep with the guild gets any worse?

As far as I know, the only massive Protection Paladin threat 'bug' is Judgement of Light. The Paladin generates healing threat from every single Light proc, and when a 25 man raid is all proccing heals you can pull aggro very quickly. The solution to that is have a/the Holy Paladin judge Light, and you judge Wisdom. Or just don't judge Light at all.

If you're pulling aggro just by using abilities while not tanking, you probably shouldn't have Righteous Fury on, yeah. There's no real reason to have it on if you're not tanking or offtanking. If the Judgement of Light thing (which is being fixed soon) isn't the problem, you probably are just plain pulling aggro if you're keeping Righteous Fury on, and that's something you fix by just turning it off.

Judgement of Light is the only big Prot Paladin threat issue I'm aware of, but if there are others, I definitely welcome our readers to correct me and give you a better answer than I did.

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