Albatron 22-inch multi-touch LCD becoming a reality in March

After Microsoft announced Windows 7 would natively support multi-touch displays, Albatron was one of the first to show off a prototype panel intended to take advantage of that functionality. Seven months later the company is finally letting you know when you'll be able to buy one, and is also taking another opportunity to talk up its optical touch tech, which features sensors embedded into the bezel rather than the surface itself -- in theory resulting in a brighter image and greater durability. The company is planning to release its 21.5-inch LCD in March, and, while provided details are few, we know that the display will support 120Hz, have DVI and VGA inputs, and will relay touch information to the PC over USB. We also know that the company's motto is "captures the spirit of the Albatross," which we're going to go ahead and assume is a reference to Monty Python and not Baudelaire.