Google's Android Engineering Director leaves for... Coupons, Inc.

While we're primed and ready for Android to take over the mobile marketplace, it looks like Steve Horowitz, Google's engineering director for the upstart OS, has other thoughts -- he's bailing out for Coupons, Inc. Yep, it's a coupons site. We have no idea why Horowitz thinks a company working on a "digital coupons and promotions platform" is more exciting that leading Android's development, but he's certainly jumped ship before -- he started his career in Apple's Macintosh group before a stint at Be, and prior to taking the reins at Google he was on the teams at Microsoft that shipped Windows Media Center Edition, UltimateTV, and WebTV. We'll be honest, those all sound infinitely more interesting than doling out coupons, but maybe dude just really loves typing in instant savings codes. As for Android, it doesn't sound like Andy Rubin's going anywhere, so we're certain work will continue with nary a hiccup -- or at least we're hoping it does, because we're getting pretty hungry for some Cupcake.

[Via Electronista]