HP Mini 1100-series netbooks turn up on HP's website, details do not

We just heard the other day that HP may have some new Mini netbooks in the works, and it looks like HP itself has now stoked the speculation a bit further, with a whole slew of Mini 1100-series models making an appearance in support documents on the company's website. Those include the HP Mini 1110NR, Mini 1111NR, Mini 1120NR, Mini 1125NR, Mini 1130NR, Mini 1133CL, Mini 1135NR, Mini 1136NR and the Mini 1141NR, plus a Vivienne Tam edition Mini 1140NR model. Unfortunately, there aren't any details to speak of, but there's apparently some talk that they'll all at least come equipped with an ExpressCard slot. Let's just hope HP doesn't go too far off the deep end and start releasing new Minis every other week like a certain other manufacturEeer.

[Via SlashGear]