Left 4 Dead PC Wiimote hack for the gamer who has it all, hates zombies

Sometimes inspiration hits when you're shooting zombies -- and often times, that inspiration is in the form of new, better ways to shoot zombies. Since this sort of thing (shooting zombies) is one of our passions here, we were pretty psyched when we ran across this video. Summoning all of his worldly resources -- including GlovePIE, PPJoy, and about a gazillion lines of code -- this guy is able to rock Left 4 Dead PC in split-screen mode with two Wiimotes. He's even added shake controls for reloading and spinning 180 degrees. The only catch? As it stands, the only way to power the sensor bar is by turning on the Wii -- a condition that should be remedied shortly. Hit the read link for instructions and code, and be sure to check out the video after the break.

[Via Nowhere Else]