15.2 megapixel Sony Alpha A800 DSLR rumored

At this point, it's remarkably tough to say how legitimate these claims are, and while we'd wholeheartedly recommend digesting these details with a dose of NaCl, we'd be shortchanging you to not pass 'em on. According to a curious post over at, Sony is readying an Alpha A800 DSLR (mockup pictured) with a 15.2 megapixel sensor, an ISO range of 200 to 12,800, a new high-speed sync flash, 23 total AF sensors, a fresh metering / AF sensor tracking system and inbuilt WiFi. We're told that the camera will be officially unveiled at PMA 2009 alongside a trio of new lenses -- thankfully, March (and our answer) is less than two months out.

[Via Photography Bay]