i-Mate shutting down Momento Live digiframe service

Bad news for those of you who snagged an i-Mate Momento WiFi digital picture frame over the holidays -- the company's started emailing customers with the news that it's shuttering the Momento Live service that feeds pictures to the unit automatically. You've got until February 25 to get your pictures off the site (which now has an expired SSL certificate) before they're deleted forever, but don't fret too much -- Mom and Dad can still view their grandkids grow up in semi-real-time via Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug and other sites that support RSS. Actually, given the current state of the economy, we'd say those of you in the market should heed this as a warning to stick to the RSS WiFi frames, not the goofy proprietary ones -- standards are forever, people.

Update: Turns out the Momento doesn't support RSS without Momento Live -- we're not sure how it'll support the other listed services, but let us know if you find out, won't you?