Netflix's Reed Hastings talks future technologies, streaming

CES 2009 may be a fading memory, but Netflix's founder and chief executive Reed Hastings took time in Vegas to talk about technologies that should be affecting us for years to come. In an interview with The New York Times, Hastings proudly confessed his belief that within two years, "WiFi and Netflix would be built into all televisions." He also speaks at length about how the world wide web is becoming more accessible on the TV, noting that big things could happen if more potent processors and additional memory were stuffed into future HDTVs. Sadly, when asked about why Watch Instantly didn't include brand new releases, Reed simply stated that Netflix "doesn't think of it in title count... it thinks about it in terms of volume and having an even better experience" than is currently offered. Sure, we appreciate improvements in speed / quality / etc., but don't pretend like new releases aren't high (high!) up on the wish list of avid Watch Instantly users.

[Image courtesy of Syracuse]