DisplaySearch sez 50% of flat-panels will be "green" by 2011

While many TV makers have rushed to announce that their future sets were Energy Star 3.0 compliant, there's apparently quite a few manufacturers out there with aways to go in the eco-friendly department. A new report from DisplaySearch has it that in 2008, just 20% of flat-panel display shipments had "green features," while that percentage should rise to 50% by 2011 and 70% by 2012. So, just what does a set have to do to be classified as "green?" It needs to meet one of the following conditions: use environmentally friendly components and materials, achieve lower power consumption by using new components or technologies, be compliant with environmental regulations such as waste disposal, use production processes that reduce energy and materials consumed, be completely or partially recyclable after useful life or use green or eco-friendly concepts in product design. Seriously, just one of those? Not too high a hurdle, guys.

[Via CEPro]