Windows Mobile 6.5 shows up on the Compulab exeda

The more we see Compulab's sort-of-silly, sort-of-awesome exeda, the more we like it -- although the reason we're smitten today might be because it's running what appears to be Windows Mobile 6.5, complete with that "honeycomb" app launcher UI. The company says this is an alpha build of the OS, but it does look farther along than those leaked ROMs we've been seeing loaded on a few HTC devices, and we're intrigued by whispers that it takes full advantage of 6.5's inertial scrolling and other touch enhancements. All that running on a phone which can also boot Android, sports an Ethernet port, and has left- and right-click buttons? We'll take two. One more pic at the read link.

[Via wmpoweruser]