Sprint Treo Pro now on sale at Best Buy

We already knew that the Sprint-branded Treo Pro was making guest appearances at the occasional Best Buy, but thanks to a hard working web admin, you're one step closer to owning one without having to step foot in the aforesaid store... if you're willing to wait, that is. Palm's CDMA Treo Pro has found itself a holding page on Best Buy's website, and while we're desperately hoping the $699.99 off-contract price is still subject to change (read: drop), those anxious to get in early can pre-order one as we speak. Loose estimates have it shipping in a week or two, but we noticed that the handset was go for in-store pickup in most B&M locations near us. Oh, and don't forget the "Great Financing Offer" as you checkout -- with a sticker pushing seven bills, you'll probably need it.

[Thanks, Brian]