Sirius XM plans official rate hike for March 11th

Yep, the deed's done. Er, it will be come March 11th, and there's no avoiding it. Unless, of course, you lock in a lower rate now, but we suppose that's the point of Sirius XM coming out with this information over a month in advance. As of now, both XM and Sirius' separate websites have "lockin" pages hosted up, with XM's noting that after March 11th, subscriptions will no longer include internet listening gratis. For those who renew their existing contract now, you'll be grandfathered in and continue to listen for free; after that deadline, it'll be $2.99 per month for the premium (and only) stream. Over at Sirius, we're told that the SIRIUS Everything plan will rise from $6.99 per month to $8.99 per month unless you lock yourself in prior to the eleventh day of March. So, should you stay or should you go?

[Via The Wolf Web]

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