Video: Portal gun replica hands-on

You didn't think we'd let this one go without a followup, did you? Portal gun replica creator Harrison Krix was gracious enough to invite us to his workshop and get some hands-on time with it. Let's get the two most common inquiries out of the way first: no, it's not photoshopped and no, it doesn't actually "work" (as in, it doesn't create portals). The armament weighs between five or ten pounds, and all color shifting is done via a switch inside the back end. The middle tube, interestingly enough, is an acrylic plunger handle with a clear matte. The 26-year old graphic designer and graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design estimates he spent 150 hours and $350 in parts, although later models should take much less time. He's had offers to create more iterations from employees at Bungie and Infinity Ward, and he's thinking of making one to give to the Penny Arcade crew for their Child's Play charity. For a look at it both in action and disassembled, check out the video after the break. Next up? A BioShock Big Daddy costume, with arm extensions and a working drill, just in time for next August's Dragon Con in Atlanta.


Hands-on with the Portal gun replica

Portal gun replica (work in progress)

Portal gun replica build images and wiring