Sony's BDV-IS1000 Blu-ray HTIB reviewed: probably a skip

Sony's BDV-IS1000 has two big things going for it. For starters, it comes with a Blu-ray player. Secondly, it's drop-dead gorgeous. Critics over at DigitalTrends were able to secure one of the 5.1-channel HTIBs for review, and while they were big, big fans of the compact design, powerful subwoofer and inclusion of Profile 2.0 on the BD deck, they simply couldn't recommend it as it stood. Why? The wireless rear speakers didn't work on either of its test units. Instead, they were troubled with dropouts and interference from other radio emitting devices. It seems that critics went out of their way to ensure this wasn't just some setup issue, and they even caution to prospective buyers that they too are apt to encounter the problem. 'Tis a shame -- these looked so promising.