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T-Mobile pulls BlackBerry Bold and Curve off European shelves

Okay, relax, T-Mobile USA folks -- this doesn't affect you -- but you should at least show a little sympathy for your European counterparts who are suddenly feeling the sting of a BlackBerry-less existence. Mobile Cowboys has learned that Bolds and Curves have both been unceremoniously yanked from store shelves, apparently due to a bug that's causing overage on customers' plans. The problem's been confirmed on the Curve, and as a precaution, the Bold has been pulled as well -- which, sadly, isn't the first time the 9000's been gagged on a carrier. Presumably, we'll see both of these pop back up just as soon as a new firmware gets thrown into the pipeline -- and existing customers are assured that they'll be reimbursed for any BlackBerry-induced screw-ups.

[Via Mobile Phone Helpdesk]