Palm's VP of design shows off Pre features, scoffs at N95

We thought we'd seen all that Palm intended to reveal about the magical company-saving Pre at CES a few weeks back, but quality footage continues to roll in -- and it just gets even better when it's being shown off by an exec instead of your standard-issue PR type. Peter Skillman, Palm's design VP, does the honors here with a 4-plus minute overview of some of the cooler things the Pre has to offer, including a demo of the Touchstone inductive charger at about 2:26 in (curious fact: it apparently uses the "same technology that are in gecko feet" to stick to the table). At the 2:06 mark, he puts down the Nokia N95 for looking like a post-apocalyptic industrial design nightmare of exposed hardware and mechanisms (our words, not his), which is kinda funny since we'd never really considered the N95 as a Pre competitor. Finally, he wraps up with a quick look at the Amazon music store starting around 3:19 -- and at a first glance, it looks a heck of a lot prettier than the one we get on the G1. Not to say we're going to let the prettiness of the store affect how much DRM-free music we buy. Wait, yes we are. See the full video after the break.

[Via PreCentral]