Samsung NC20 sees foreign review, universal appreciation

According to a remarkably lengthy review penned in Russian, the NC20 is a real stunner. Somehow, Samsung managed to stuff six hours of battery life into a machine with a 12.1-inch display, which ought to please anyone truly looking for ideal netbook functionality. Of course, it didn't fare so well under intense gaming pressure, and even the art of multitasking with three or more applications seemed to bog it down. That said, we are talking about a netbook (and not an ultraportable), and its ability to handle HD video was rather impressive in its own right. So far as we can tell, reviewers were pretty pleased with the overall package given the relatively low anticipated price (we're hearing $500 or so for the US market), but you can draw your own conclusions by giving the read link a visit.

[Via Slashgear, thanks Brian]